• Solar Magic (EP23 Recap)

    In this week’s Cosmic Cauldron episode, host Jaime Amanda and I discuss the topic of Solar Magic. While “Moon Magic” may be the more popular topic, the sun is equally as important and there is a myriad of ways that you can incorporate this into your own practice. In the episode, we discuss the phases of the sun, as well as several of the correspondences, and activities that you can…

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  • Natal Charts (EP21 Recap)

    In this week’s episode, my co-host Jaime and I are back and continuing our exploration of astrology. In this episode, we explore reading our own natal charts and the important parts to make note of while doing so. In the episode, we dig into the houses, aspects, and other pertinent points in your chart so you can better understand yourself through astrology. In our previous episode, Astrology 101, we laid…

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  • 10 Best Witchy Amazon Finds

    Should we be further lining Bezos’s pockets? Likely, no. But the truth is, sometimes we find ourselves in a pinch and need quick supplies with fast shipping, and that’s where Amazon can step in. While my shop is my baby, and you can be assured you’re helping a small business versus a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, I understand sometimes it isn’t practical for a myriad of reasons. It’s hard for smaller shops…

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  • Astrology 101 (EP19 Recap)

    Hello, witches! Welcome. Are you an astrology newbie or perhaps an astrology enthusiast? Well, this week’s episode on Cosmic Cauldron Podcast is for you. In this week’s episode, my cohost, Jaime Amanda, and I will be tackling Intro to Astrology 101 with some magick sprinkled in between. We covered some of the signs and seasons in this episode before moving on to our next lesson! In case you weren’t able…

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  • Planetary Days (EP17 Recap)

    In this episode, host Jaime Amanda and I, Charlotte Wilde, discuss the correspondences of the weekdays. Each day is governed by a particular planet and with this, there is a certain current of energy for each day of the week. While it’s not always necessary to utilize these in spellwork, it does give an additional energetic push towards manifesting your spellwork. We took this episode to cover the planets that…

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  • News: Spring Break

    Hello there! This week I’ve taken a short commercial break to focus on my family. Don’t worry! Jaime Amanda & I prerecorded a few episodes so you won’t have to miss a week of Cosmic Cauldron. This week’s episode will cover Planetary Days and how to use this influence as a cosmic boost to your spellwork. Be on the lookout next Sunday for the recap blog so you can save…

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