Lunar Series: New Moon in Virgo

It’s a New Moon in the Season of Virgo, which means not only is the Sun in Virgo, but the New Moon will be as well. New Moons are a time for setting intentions and putting forth into the universe what we want to attract into our lives. So, let’s utilize this lunar energy into setting our intentions and getting down to the details.

Side Note: While I try to keep my articles short and sweet, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the page for a concise “TL;DR” synopsis of ideas for the type of magick to perform under this cosmic influence and lunar phase.

What Does it Mean?

Virgos can be known to be critical or even nitpicky, but what’s at the root of that is an underline need for cultivating their je ne sais quoi and sharing their vision of perfection. They’re really just trying to lead their best life by always trying to outperform their prior self. 

And growth is a positive thing, right?

Virgo rules the 6th house, and this is the house of health, wellness, and routines. So, if you find yourself creating to-do lists, organizing the chaos, or cleaning out that shitstorm of clutter that’s accumulated over, well, a lifetime — lean into it. 

Decluttering your space has been proven to have positive effects on your mental health and well-being. So, get your donation and trash bags ready. It’s time to cleanse your space. 

What Does it Mean for My Practice?

Virgos are a powerhouse in the field of careers. 

Ever heard that cliche response to the ever-popular interview question, “What are your weaknesses?” Well, Virgos embody the standard response: Perfectionism. What this means is that they want to continually surpass themselves and, subsequently, they can be a rockstar when it comes to their chosen profession. This makes this a particularly good time to practice magick involving your career, whether it’s getting a promotion, landing that new job, or changing fields. This is the time to cast your spells. 

Also, being governed by the 6th house of health and routines makes this a good time to introduce new wellness habits and perform magick involving health and productivity. This would also be a good time to introduce meditation if it’s not already a part of your routine as it benefits your mental health as well as being foundational for expanding your magickal practices. 

Now, remember up top where we said it’s a good time to cleanse your space? Yeah. Well, we can do this magickally as well. This would be a good time to craft protection + banishing sprays for your home, as well as crafting protective floor washes. If you’d like to learn more about this, leave us a comment, and we’ll put it in the mix for upcoming articles.

And, if all of this sounds like too much energy for you, for whatever reason, just set out some water under the moonlight to use at a later date for properties involving meticulousness, health, and planning.

We’ve got options.

What to Do?

♍︎ Spellwork Involving Careers

♍︎ Magickal Floor Washes

♍︎ Banishing Sprays 

♍︎ Moon Water for Planning + Meticulousness 

♍︎ Health Spells + Amulets

♍︎ Productivity Magic

♍︎ Setting Intentions for Health + Career

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