Solar Magic (EP23 Recap)

In this week’s Cosmic Cauldron episode, host Jaime Amanda and I discuss the topic of Solar Magic. While “Moon Magic” may be the more popular topic, the sun is equally as important and there is a myriad of ways that you can incorporate this into your own practice. In the episode, we discuss the phases of the sun, as well as several of the correspondences, and activities that you can do to honor the sun in your practice.

This blog will sum up some of the topics we covered in the episode, just in case you didn’t have a pen & paper (read: notes app) on hand while you were listening. Didn’t catch the episode? You can tune in on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify!

Sun Phases:

Did you know that the sun also has phases? Yes, just like the moon. However, unlike the moon, these occur throughout the day versus the span of 28 days. But, much like the moon, each phase has its own correspondences. So, if you’re looking to utilize the sun’s energy in your spell work, you can time the energy intentionally to connect with these themes throughout the day.

Sunrise: Beginnings, Renewal, Change

Morning: Growth, Strength, Happiness

Afternoon: Energy, Wisdom, Charging

Sunset: Releasing, Letting Go

Sun Correspondences:

And while the phases of the sun have their own correspondences, the sun itself has several attributes that you can consider when working with the timing of your spells. This can also be used directly when creating something that utilizes the sun’s energy such as solar water or sun tea.









Sun Deities:

If you work with deities in your practice and feel the pull to incorporate a Sun deity, there are several different deities to consider. The list below is a few of the sun deities from different cultures but this isn’t an exhaustive list! There are several others that you could research if you feel called to do so.

Ra: Egyptian Sun God

Sol: Norse Sun Goddess

Helios: Greek Sun God

Surya: Hindu Sun God

Inti: Incan Sun God

Lugh: Sun God of Celtics

Mithra: Persian Sun God


Solar Water

Sun Tea

Getting Outdoors


Spellwork Outdoors

Outdoor Altar

Charging Tools

Charging Crystals

Picnicking + Kitchen Witchin’

Are you a listener? Let us know in the comments what topic you’d like to hear us cover next.

Blessed be!

— Charlotte Wilde

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