Pentacles 101

A pentacle, which is sometimes referred to as a pentagram, is a common symbol that adorns a witch’s home or altar and can even be an emblem on magickal tools.

While a pentacle and pentagram can be commonly used interchangeably, a pentagram is actually a five-pointed star representing the elements whereas the pentacle is recognized by a 5 point star inside of a circle.

What is the Pentacle?

The most popular belief behind the meaning on the symbol is the representation of the 4 elements underneath the “fifth” element, the spirit. The circle connects all 5 together.

There are many other associations from countless traditions. Some of these are similar, while others are conflicting. For example, an alternate interpretation stems from Chinese Taoists, who refer to the symbol as ‘Wu Xing.’ Their belief behind the symbol is that it serves as the connection between the five elements, which for the Taoists are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

This is just one of the diversified views behind the symbol. It can vary from practice to practice, and is up to the user what it means for them.

How to Use It?

The pentacle is used as a symbol of protection, invites power to the user, and can be a magickal catalyst for invoking or banishing. It can be drawn on the ground in a circle casting, laid upon the altar as a cloth or an amulet, and worn by the user on jewelry or apparel. The pentacle placed on the altar can act as an embodiment of the Earth element with which it’s associated.

Ways to Add to Your Altar:

𖤐 Make it out of sticks or beads

𖤐 Draw on cloth or paper

𖤐 Printed on or made out of crystals

𖤐 Carve into candles or stamp into candle wax

𖤐 Metal talisman

𖤐 On a witch’s box, cauldron, or any tool where it catch’s your attention

𖤐 Any way you want! Be creative! Include any artistic abilities you already possess.

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