Lunar Series: Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moons are a time of manifestation and a period when previous work should be coming to fruition. That said, the full moon is also a time of ample energy. This makes this a great time to tap into the potency of this moon cycle. For this Full Moon, the moon will make its way into Scorpio. Not only is this a full moon in Scorpio — it’s a Super Moon in Scorpio! This will bring a new level of intensity to an already intense sign.

Scorpio is a sign rooted in deep mystery and, as a water element, this moon also carries great psychic energy. During this time, the subconscious will be active, and intuition will increase. Scorpio is a powerhouse.

With Scorpio being a water sign, this can be a time of great emotions. Scorpio is known for its intensity and passion, and the moon will match this energy! Because of this, this is a time that you will feel emotions more intensely, and with this, there is a possibility of overreactions. Scorpio also has a fixed modality that can bring forth a feeling of stability and security in one’s life. So, it’s also a time of greater focus and concentration.

What Does This Mean for My Practice?

The full moon itself is a time for power, and with Scorpio energy in full bloom, this is intensified to an nth degree. The full moon is a period to harvest your endeavors. Spells performed before the full moon will come to fruition during this time. This moon phase is the perfect time to charge your crystals or moon water and, on its own, is a time for psychic energy.

Coupled with being in Scorpio — this pair is a dynamo for your psychic practices!

This sign is known for its intense energy, its sexuality, its resilience, and its psychic power. This makes the full moon in this sign an excellent time for transformation and overcoming obstacles in your life, as well as sex magic and banishing work. Also, Scorpios are known for their drive, which makes this a good time for using magic related to ambition.

What To Do:

♏︎ Banishing work is particularly powerful under this moon.

♏︎ Recharge your crystals!

♏︎ Sit out water under the full moon for magickal moon water.

♏︎ Harvest your rewards from work in past moons.

♏︎ Tap into psychic energies

♏︎ Sex Magic

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