• Astrology 101 (EP19 Recap)

    Hello, witches! Welcome. Are you an astrology newbie or perhaps an astrology enthusiast? Well, this week’s episode on Cosmic Cauldron Podcast is for you. In this week’s episode, my cohost, Jaime Amanda, and I will be tackling Intro to Astrology…

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  • News: Spring Break

    Hello there! This week I’ve taken a short commercial break to focus on my family. Don’t worry! Jaime Amanda & I prerecorded a few episodes so you won’t have to miss a week of Cosmic Cauldron. This week’s episode will…

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  • 5 Rules of Witchcraft

    There are no rules. Let’s get this out of the way. “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines‘ than actual rules.” – Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean  So, if someone tells you otherwise, feel free to allow them to explain their viewpoint.…

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  • Sabbat Series: Ostara

    Did you catch this Wednesday’s episode on our Cosmic Cauldron podcast? If not, it’s not too late! You can find us on Spotify, Apple, and Anchor. In this week’s episode, host Jaime Amanda and Charlotte Wilde cover the origins of…

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