5 Rules of Witchcraft

There are no rules.

Let’s get this out of the way.

“The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines‘ than actual rules.”

– Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean 

So, if someone tells you otherwise, feel free to allow them to explain their viewpoint. Take their ideas, chew on them, and see if they resonate with you. If they don’t, push those ideas aside and move on. Alternatively, you can tell them which general direction to head off in.

It’s good to have options. 

Now, there is a caveat to this, as this “no rules” standpoint is in reference to the ways in which we choose to practice. This “no rules” approach does not apply to the repercussions of our choices and actions. It’s the same in the mundane world. We have freedom of choice but not necessarily freedom from the ramifications of said choices. 

Don’t place yourself in a box.

Witch Types are a relatively new phenomenon. And while it’s cool, it falls in line with finding out what type of pizza topping you are on a Buzzfeed quiz. They’re fun but not necessary and can be limiting. If you resonate with one, this is fine. But do try not to limit yourself and allow yourself room to evolve. Do herbs call to you? Dive into some research. Crystals? Let’s start some studies. Flying the Hedge? Well, let’s practice getting to the astral. Are you a foodie? Dive into kitchen magic. Like all of these? 

*Clicks Add to Cart*

Do Your Own Research

Researching for yourself is going to allow you to build a practice that is right for you. By exploring what interests you and leaving the rest, you can create your own unique experience with the divine. One of the major pluses of this path, in my humble opinion, is that there is no official doctrine. While some traditions and practices have more structure and are more ceremonial in nature, those are not the only paths. If that is what you’re looking for, explore them. Find out what aligns with you. This is about creating a spiritual experience that is for you. #FYP

Learn to Meditate

While meditation is fundamentally good for you from an ordinary standpoint, allowing yourself to access alternative brain waves and channeling your energy in a way that isn’t clouded by the mundane is paramount to your ability to find more consistent success with your magic. Practice, practice, practice. I have struggled with quieting the voices in my head for the longest time. But make time for it each day. As you progress and reach different states, you’ll be able to access energies previously unavailable to you.

Learn to Control Energy

Yes! This, too, is paramount. By tuning into the earth’s subtle energies, we become more present. But more so than that, we must learn to build energy and manipulate it. To understand how to work with energy is to understand the basics of spellcraft. After all, spellwork is learning to harness, build, and project our energy (and intentions) out into the universe.

Blessed be.

—Charlotte Wilde

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