Behind the Scenes

This blog is a little off-topic for me, largely, because I try to limit being the center of any topic. Operating behind the scenes is more my MO. However, this blog was created to share what I’ve learned with you and the attached shop was created to share the products I adore or have created, depending, but that’s not the full scope. 

A Little Background 

The artistic vision of the Eclectic Charge brand is centered around the paradoxes that rest not only inside of myself but inside others as well. 

The use of colors and imagery on our Instagram is intentional. While the colors are vibrant and bold, the base of my graphics is dark to illustrate the full spectrum that lies within us. While there is darkness, there is also a kaleidoscope of hues, sounds, experiences, and imagery that fused together to create us as individuals. 

As such, mixed media is an art style that I’ve always been drawn to. Its diverse use of colors and mediums speaks to me. So, you will notice a lot of what we create is a mixture of cartoon-esque drawings with realism. It is done so to illustrate the spiritual and the mundane colliding. Yes, we exist on the plane of reality, but if we reach further, we will find we have access to much more than meets the eye.

As for myself, I am naturally a very private individual with a typically small circle, but one that has been expanding ever since I started this venture. I’ve met so many wonderful people I would have not had the opportunity to have met just a few short years beforehand. I can’t put into words how fortunate I feel for having this space and I have you to thank for that. 

Side note: The photos in this blog were taken as a part of the photo shoot for my upcoming book and were taken by my beautiful podcast cohost.

Why I Identify as a Witch

Life hasn’t been a smooth ride for me—and I know I am not alone in this. 

Through my traumas, I turned to spirituality as a way to make sense of a world that, at times, I felt was ruthless and a world that I felt powerless in. As such, witchcraft became a way for me to take back the reins and step into my power. 

While I’ve identified as a pagan for my entire conscious life, I have only started referring to myself as a “witch” in the past five years. This was not a label I immediately identified with, even if I was practicing witchcraft. But, much like the process of unpacking trauma, I had to thoroughly dissect and destigmatize it. With this, the word “witch” then became symbolic of the personal power I was cultivating.

The occult itself has always been an area of both interest and study. Through my studies, I was able to heal parts of myself that I had long considered “broken” and while this is still a work in progress, I have found peace within myself and my experiences by exploring them further and “making sense” of the nonsensical.

My Beliefs

My approach to spirituality can be difficult to sum up, but I would describe myself as an Animistic Pantheist. This might sound like another paradox, so, let me explain. While I have reverence for deities and deep respect for mythology, my own views equate “god” with the universe (Pantheism) but I also believe in the unique spirit that exists within us and around us. (Animism) 

I believe the universe is divine and that everything within the universe is all pieces of that larger puzzle. In short, I believe that we are the universe experiencing itself. I recognize both the universe and our individual place in it as interconnected. I feel this way in part because of my understanding of the flow of energies and a realization that the world we physically see is only one portion of what actually exists. 

That said, there’s no one right belief or way to practice. I am not an advocate for anyone telling someone how they should practice or what they should believe. How incredibly boring would life be if we were all the same? What someone connects with depends on their perceptions and experiences. Spirituality is a journey of finding out what feels right to you. While I can help teach you what I know, your actual practice will likely look very different from my own, as it should.

Spirituality is unique to every individual—and that’s beautiful.

Blessed be.

—Charlotte Wilde

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