Cleansing + Charging Crystals

Do you love crystals? Because we sure do. Our homes are lined with crystals as well as our altars. We really can’t get enough of these little treasures. Okay, okay – so we may have a problem. But we’re okay with it. We’re going to ride this crystal addiction right on into the sunset or moon rise, y’know, whatever the case may be and what the purpose requires!

This is our first in our Crystal’s series and perhaps the most fundamental part of the housing, using, and caring for crystals. Let’s discuss!

What’s the Difference Between Charging vs. Cleansing?

When we first purchase our crystals, or even after time due to our own personal usage, your crystals will need to be cleansed. What this does is work to dispel any of the negative energy that the crystal may be holding onto. 

Think about yourself. When you’re hanging around low vibe energies, you need to cleanse your own spirit and aura from this cosmic drainage. Crystals work in a similar fashion. Crystals carry their own frequency, but they can also absorb energies. Each crystal has its own purpose, and when it consumes this energy for us, it holds onto it until it’s properly cleansed.

When will I know when my crystal needs to be cleansed? Well, for starters, you should always cleanse your crystals when you purchase them. This crystal has traveled a great distance before it arrives to you. That energy may not align with you, and it should be cleansed accordingly. 

Had your crystals for a while? It’s likely time to cleanse them so they can continue functioning at their best. Don’t know how to cleanse them? Keep reading for tips on how to cleanse your crystal or slide right on over to our TikTok to watch our video demonstration!

Charging your crystals is also necessary! This step should follow cleansing your crystals for the best result, though several of the methods listed are dual-purpose! Some crystals disperse their energy onto the recipient, and others absorb energy. This is why both cleansing and charging are pertinent for your own crystal babies. A good comparison is to think of your crystal as a battery. After time, your crystal (aka battery) will need to be recharged. 

Don’t know if your crystal needs to be charged? Use your intuition! Do you feel that the vibe has decreased? If so, it’s time. However, a good rule of thumb is to cleanse and charge your crystals one a month to every few months to keep them at their best! Continue to read below for methods on how to charge your crystal.

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?

Cleansing your crystals is the precursor to charging your crystals. You will want to ensure that your crystals are free of any lingering energies they may have accumulated on your journey to you. Below are some common methods you can do for just that.

Method #1: Water

You can cleanse your crystals in a dish of water or under running water. Keep your crystals submerged for approximately one minute to cleanse them of unnecessary energies. Remember: not all crystals are water safe! Refer to our list at the bottom of this article for some common crystals that should not be placed in water.

Method #2: Salt

This method is also simple and effective. Pour Himalayan Salt into a dish, approximately 3 quarters of the way full, and place your crystals into the salt. Leave your crystals here for at least 24 hours for a proper cleanse.

Method #3: Smoke Cleansing

For this method, you can use sage or another herb bundle to clear the energies within the stone. You could also use sage incense for this method as well.

Method #4: Use Selenite

Selenite is a self-cleansing, purifying crystal. You can simply tie or place selenite onto the crystal you intend to cleanse.

Method #5: Sunlight/Moonlight

The sun or moonlight is another perfect, simple method for both cleansing and recharging your crystals. However, be weary with quartz under direct sunlight. It has the potential to become a fire hazard.

How Do I Charge My Crystals?

Charging your crystals can be done in several ways. Below, we will go over some of the common methods for ensuring that your crystals are operating at their best.

Method #1: Sunlight

Sunlight is a dual-purpose method that can be used to charge your crystals via solar power. As mentioned above in the cleansing portion of this article, be careful with clear quartz! It can be a potential fire hazard. Ever used a magnifying glass to start a fire? Yeah – just like that.

Method #2: Moonlight

Crystals can be charged under the moonlight! This is a more delicate approach than sunlight and is also dual-purpose. You can charge under any phase of the moon, but the full moon is particularly powerful for recharging your crystals. 

Method #3: Crystal Grids

You can charge your crystals with intent by placing them onto a grid with several other corresponding stones. This can also help with programming your crystals.

Method #4: Intention

You can charge your stones by meditation with them and visualizing your intentions. This is a great way to bond with your crystals and program them with your intent.

Method #5: Other Stones!

There are a handful of crystals that naturally replenish energies. You can place an amethyst or citrine around the stone you want to charge, and viola! You have a crystal-to-crystal recharge.

Crystals That Are Not Water Safe:









Fire opal



Halite (Rock Salt)








Red coral



Tangerine Quartz



Still confused about the difference? A good way to think of this is that cleansing a crystal is to remove unwanted energies, whereas charging a crystal is to replenish energies. To compound this, there is also the act of programming stones that we will cover in a later article! A brief synopsis of this is to charge your crystal with your intention.

Question? Comment below! Follow us for more information on our ever-expanding series. In the meantime, you can check out our Crystal Grids blog here.

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