Sex Magic (EP35: Recap)

In this week’s episode, things are heating up. My cohost, Jaime Amanda, and I are diving into the topic of sex magic. This idea came to us thanks to one of our amazing listeners and we seized the opportunity to spice things up a bit. 

This blog will sum up and expand upon some of the topics we covered in the episode, just in case you didn’t have a pen & paper (read: notes app) on hand while you were listening. 

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Brief History:

Sex magic originated in the East long before it made its way to the Western world and became the practice that we know today. One such practice that sex magick is rooted in is Tantra which dates back to the 7th century. Tantra, which means “loom, warp, weave” in Sanskrit, is an Eastern philosophy that combines spirituality with sexuality.

Another such practice has roots in certain Taoism traditions where sex was linked to longevity and immortality. Forms of sex magick were also used by ancient pagans, such as during Beltane when sex was used to ensure a successful upcoming harvest. 

Sex magics earliest Western origins are attributed to occultist Paschal Beverly Randolph (1825-1875) and he is credited with developing a practice centered on the energy transfer that occurs during intercourse. This became a teaching of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which is a tradition that Aleister Crowley is considered a founding member. 

What is Sex Magic?

Sex Magic can mean many things, but my personal definition is the act of immersing yourself in your senses and building up that momentum (energy) through your pleasure. During these moments of passion, we can harness the energy we are building to use for our manifestations. This energy can be used for spell work like achieving our goals, attraction, prosperity, success, or even a deeper connection with our partners.

That said, sex magic can be performed solo, one-on-one, or in groups. If you are trying sex magic with a partner, it’s a good idea to ask for consent first. For one, it’s polite, but also, it can help if your intentions are focused on the same goal. 

During sex magic, there are two schools of thought. In one practice, a person may delay or abstain from an orgasm entirely. The thought behind this method is that it creates sustained energy through the duration of sex. This is also a practice commonly used in Tantra, as well. 

On the other hand, there is also a belief that our orgasm is the height of our energy and during the orgasm, we can manifest through intently focusing on our intention. Full disclosure, I fall into this camp. For one, I am a large proponent of the benefits of having an orgasm as it releases dopamine which creates a sense of desire, euphoria, and satisfaction. So, orgasms are quite literally beneficial for our mental health. For two, the energy felt at the moment of orgasm is a potent energy that can be utilized in spellwork.

Sex Magic Ideas:

Through our conversation on our corresponding podcast episode, Episode 35: Sex Magic, Jaime introduced the idea of channeling this energy into an amulet or talisman and I couldn’t agree more. Channeling this potent energy into an amulet, or other items, would be a great way to program them. You could program this object for purposes like protection or attraction, but these are only two of many possible ideas.

Another process that makes use of this is by creating a sigil that aligns with your specific intention and charging it through sex magic. Once you’ve created this sigil, you can draw it on your body using oil, lotion, or lube. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, it is a good idea to record your workings in your Grimoire or Book of Shadows in the same way you would record other spellwork. The process of writing down our workings allows us to assess what is working versus what isn’t—as well as allowing us to go back and recreate our most successful spellwork.

We can also enhance our sex magic spells by aligning our intentions with the moon. While this isn’t always feasible, doing so allows us to lean into the existing energy surrounding us at the time. For instance, a Waning Moon would be a great time to use sex magic focused on releasing whereas a Waxing Moon would be great for attraction. On a New Moon, this would be a great time to use sex magic for intentions. And, of course, a Full Moon would be great for manifestation work but also it’s an overall powerful time. You can tap into the most potent energy of this phase of the moon for almost any desire.

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