Casting a Circle

Do I need to cast a circle? This is another question that ultimately depends on who you ask. Some traditions require you to cast a circle at all times, while others are laxer, and perhaps you only cast a circle when you’re doing certain spell work. However, because witchcraft is an individual pursuit, the person you need to check in with is you. 

Does casting a circle feel right for the work you’re doing? Cast that circle then. Doing magick on the fly and don’t have time for formalities? Feel free to skip it.

That said, there are benefits to casting a circle. For starters, casting a circle requires calling upon energy, and this can enhance the overall effect of your spell, tapping into vibrations you otherwise may not be able to if you forgo this step.

Why Should I Cast a Circle?

Casting a circle in and of itself raises your personal awareness and power before you’ve even begun your work. And with the nature of casting a circle, regardless of which method you’re using, you’re tapping into powers that are greater than your own.

Another benefit to casting a circle is the protection and sacredness it offers to your practice. Still not interested in casting a circle? That’s just fine. 

Witchcraft, at its very core, is a solitary practice in that it is your path. Even if you practice within a coven, your private practice will vary. After all, your path and experiences shape your practice. This affects how you choose to pursue it, how you choose to navigate it, and how you choose to practice it depends entirely on you and what works for you.

How Do I Cast a Circle?

There are several different ways to cast a circle, and if you were short on time, I will summarize them in a very concise list below. But if you’re interested in reading more, feel free to keep reading along.

One method of casting a circle is calling on the quarters or the elements. In this practice, you would call on the elements and the representations. Which quarter you call first depends on who you ask. It does seem to be that it is frequent for people to start with the east and move clockwise from that direction. Another quick tip here is that when you are closing your circle, you would move counterclockwise.

Ever seen the movie the craft? Well, another way of casting a circle is to call upon the guardians of the watchtowers. Doing this is very similar in respect to calling quarters or elements.

And just like calling on the guardians of the watchtower, another method for casting a circle is requesting deities or spirits to work directly with you for whatever work you are performing.

Deities not for you? You can also cast a circle by envisioning it. Use your own energy to create a force field around you. Imagine a Circle encompassing you where you are protected and further energized. You can also use your athame as a tool to guide this.

Need more information on athames? Check out our article on them here!

If none of these methods are for you, perhaps your imagination isn’t prime for casting a circle, you are always welcome to create a physical circle. This physical circle can be made out of several objects. One common method is a ring of salt around you to create a barrier.

Now that that is said and done, you must remember that when you create a circle, you have created a sacred space. A circle is not something that you simply walk out of. You must close your circle when you’re done with your work. Like with the methods of calling the guardians or the quarters, you would close the circle in the method you opened but do so in reverse.

Or maybe you forgot something on the outskirts of your circle, in which case you can use your Asami or even your hand to create a door to exit the circle.

Ways to Cast a Circle:

♾ Calling the Quarters or Elements

♾ Guardians of The Watchtowers

♾ Physical Circle

♾ Deities or Spirits

♾ Energetic Circle

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