Lunar Series: New Moon in Gemini

Ready for the New Moon in Gemini? What about the solar eclipse? No? 

As you may know, the New Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon align, and this New Moon is located in Gemini. But, wait. There’s more: on this New Moon, there is also a solar eclipse. 

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, and this is only visible during the daytime. This particular solar eclipse will start in Ontario, Canada, and end in Siberia, and a partial solar eclipse will be visible in parts of the Northeastern United States.

What Does It Mean?

New Moons are a time for new beginnings and for setting intentions. This is the point of the lunar cycle and your practice to lay the groundwork for things to come. This is a great time for change and starting anew. 

Gemini’s are an air sign and a sociable one, at that. This makes this New Moon in Gemini a good time to focus on friendships and social relationships. Take some time out to enjoy your existing friends, loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors or — given this is an optimal time for new beginnings — branch out to make new connections. 

Gemini’s are about communication, and this makes this a particularly good time to practice improving communication in our own lives. Work on actively listening to those around you, as well as adding value to the conversation. Gemini’s are also a multifaceted sign, as they typically bore easily, so explore different avenues of communication. This could be a good time to start that manuscript you’ve been envisioning or work on a speech or conversation you’ve been putting off.

What Does It Mean For My Practice?

As Gemini’s are a sign with an emphasis on communication, this would be a good time to journal or to practice automatic writing. Clear your mind of anticipation, and let the words flow to you without restraint. Write whatever comes to mind. Just let it flow freely!

This would also be a good time to do work in regards to communication with your guides, spirits, or deities. Work with your divination tools and open yourself to receiving information.

Gemini, being a mental sign and one of learning, this would be a good time to delve further into your practices. Do you have something that has been calling you to learn? Are you itching to learn how to read your own natal chart or memorize a tarot deck? Now is the time to buckle down, do your research, and expand your knowledge. 

What Should I Do?

♊︎ Make Eclipse Water (Day Time)

♊︎ Make Moon Water (Night Time)

♊︎ Set Intentions + Start Planning

♊︎ Practice Automatic Writing or Journal

♊︎ Work Involving Communication with Guides, Angels, or Deities

♊︎ Charge Your Crystals (During The Eclipse or The New Moon)

♊︎ Learn Something That Adds to Your Craft!

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