Lunar Series: New Moon in Scorpio

It’s now time for the New Moon, and with this, it’s time to set out intentions, be it long term or for this next lunar cycle. This is the time to plant the seeds that we want to see grow, and as witches, we’re gonna do it with some flair. 

This moon is taking place in Scorpio, which is a powerful water sign known for both its determination and its sexuality. Also, as a water sign, this sign is known to be intuitive, if not downright psychic. 

Scorpios are a fixed sign which assists them in being very driven creatures, capable of surmounting any obstacles in their way and seeing them to fruition. While they’re still a water sign, they can bring the heat and can also sting if need be. 

What Does It Mean For Me?

Scorpio Moons are useful for adding an extra oomph to your magical workings, in general. 

This sign isn’t known for its subdued nature, and magic performed under this influence will carry with it the prowess that Scorpios are known for. This makes it a good time for spells involving overcoming obstacles, facing fears, and otherwise kicking ass and taking names. This is a great time for self empowerment work as well as self improvement.

Also, did we mention Scorpios are a passionate sign? Yeah, that makes this influence a great fit for performing boudoir magick, and the like. You can absolutely steamroll this dual threat of power and sexuality right on into the bedroom and make some magic happen.

If you have something you’re needing to remove from your life or let go of under this lunar cycle, this influence is also a good time for banishing work. Scorpios are known to slam doors and lock them shut on those who betray them, so you can utilize this type of steadfast decision-making in assisting you in removing people or circumstances that are no longer serving you.

And lastly, if you’re moon sensitive or just otherwise not up for magic and spellworkings at this time, just sit out an airtight jar of water under the moon to collect some of these energies for later use!

What Can I Do?

♏︎ Spells for Transformation

♏︎ Sex Magic

♏︎ Magick for Self Empowerment

♏︎ Work on Facing Fears + Overcoming Obstacles

♏︎ Banishing

♏︎ Protective Magic

♏︎ Moon Water for Psychic Energy + Power

♏︎ Self-Improvement Magick

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