Lunar Series: New Moon in Cancer

If you’ve been following our lunar series or the lunar cycle and its application to magick as a whole, you’re aware by now that New Moons are a wonderful time for setting intentions.

This is the portion of the lunar cycle to lay the groundwork for things to come. This is your fresh start. This is a perfect time to really drill down on what you would like to see for yourself in the future, as well as more immediate goals to manifest into your life during this lunar cycle.

Also, if you’ve been following along, you’re also probably familiar with New Moons being a time when both the sun and moon sync up together in the same sign.

What Does It Mean?

The New Moon occurring in Cancer is the perfect time to align your intentions with manifesting the home life and inner world you’re hoping for. Cancer is a sign of intuition and introspection, as well as the nurturers of the zodiac. This watery energy will increase your intuition during this time as well as center your focus on your internal world and your world at home.

Cancer is also known to be a very emotional sign, this would be a good time to lean into Gratitude Journaling to keep your mind focused on the positives and to keep your vibe elevated. However, don’t shy away from the introspective nature of this transit.

Allow yourself to connect with your inner world and inner self to really dig into what is taking place inside of you. Developing an understanding of yourself is paramount to success not only in witchcraft but in excelling in the human experience as a whole!

What Does It Mean For My Practice?

With the Cancerian influence, this would be an optimal time to practice magic regarding drawing good intentions and vibes into your abode as well as yourself. Try making some self-love spell jars or a good vibe home spell to tap into these energies.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our Instagram for graphics as well as our reels for how-to guides on each of these!

Also, as you’ve heard, water signs are known for their intuition. With this cosmic boost, this makes for a good time to either practice divination or explore your intuition through other means, such as meditation and connecting with your Third Eye.

Due to the emotional nature of this sign, you will need to practice self-care. Draw yourself a ritual bath to release any stagnant energy and to focus on your intentions while taking care of your external shell as well. It’s really a win, win.

What Should I Do?

♋︎ Make Moon Water for Love + Protection

♋︎ Tap Into The Increased Intuition by Utilizing Divination

♋︎ Create a Gratitude List to Stay Positive

♋︎ Set Intentions + Start Planning

♋︎ Charge Your Crystals

♋︎ Create a Good Vibes Spell for Your Home

♋︎ Ritual Baths

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