Lunar Series: New Moon in Aquarius

A New Moon in Aquarius brings an analytical and independent vibe that’s going to take you to a new cerebral level and chip away at any stigmas that may be holding you back. Aquarius doesn’t have time for that. They march to the beat of their own drummer, so use this time to do the same. Feel weird? Good. Be weird. Life is better that way — so throw conformity to the wayside and embrace your inner weirdo for a bit.

What’s It Mean for Me?

New Moons are a time to plant the seeds that will come to fruition in the upcoming months. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of “Great Awakenings.” This is a good time to envision the future you’d like to see for yourself. Utilize this rebellious energy to paint a future that is unique to you, and use this New Moon to set it all into motion.

As such, Aquarians are seekers of truth. So use the time to suss out your own truth, whatever that may be for you. Use this to shift your perspectives or simply to delve deeper into your psyche as well as the world around you. 

Also, Aquarians rule the 11th house, which is the house of friendships and collaborations. This makes this a particular good time to work on magic for attracting like-minded individuals, and creating cohesive bonds with others.

How Do I Incorporate It Into My Magic?

If you’re a solitary practitioner, this influence may be a good time to branch out and make connections with those who share your interest to gain a sense of community under this moon. At the bare minimum, this is a good time to plant the seeds for attracting these things into your life if you’re looking for a greater sense of community. 

Aquarians are truth seekers, so you can use this time to practice divination that focuses on uncovering hidden truths as well as future plans. Aquarius is a “big picture” sign so utilize this time to create a vision board and think of a future you would like to see that isn’t limited by societal normalities. Aquarians are quirky, so this is a no holds barred opportunity to express yourself without limitations. Moon water made during this time will have innovative and adventurous energies. 

Also, on that note, this is a progressive sign that likes to move forward. This makes this a good time to focus on spells involving future success, self-expression, and truths. But, most importantly, under this moon – embrace the weird! Life’s more fun that way.

What To Do:

✰ Divination for Hidden Truths

✰ Create a Vision Board 

✰ Spells Involving Expression and Truths

✰ Make Moon Water for Innovation + Expression

✰ Charge Items to Cultivate these Inventive Energies

✰ Success Spells 

✰ Candle Magic

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