Lunar Series: Full Moon in Aquarius

It’s time to gather your crystals + your jars, witches! Full Moons are a time of manifestation and an abundance of energy. While Full Moons may be thought of a time as manifestations coming to fruition, this is also a time of potent energy to tap into!

And this Full Moon is bringing an analytical and independent vibe that’s going to take you to a new cerebral level and chip away at any stigmas that may be holding you back. 

Aquarius doesn’t have time for that. 

They march to the beat of their own drummer, so use this time to do the same. Feel weird? Good. Be weird. Life is better that way — so throw conformity to the wayside and embrace your inner weirdo for a bit.

And with the sun sitting in Leo? You’ll be confident about it, too. 

What’s It Mean for Me?

Full Moons are a time when the work you’ve done at the New Moon or before should be coming to fruition. Use this cosmic boost from Aquarius to stimulate your creativity and stretch your imagination beyond its normal confines. 

This is the time to think out of the box. (Why am I in this box anyway?)

Aquarians are seekers of truth. So use the time to suss out your own truth, whatever that may be for you. Use this to shift your perspectives or simply to delve deeper into your psyche as well as the world around you. 

Also, thanks to Aquarians cerebral nature — emotions during this full moon aren’t as high as they can be during other full moons. This is a balancing energy to the heightened emotions that can occur during typical full moons. Think of it as a bit of a yin and yang situation, where you meet somewhere in the middle due to the dueling influences. 

The same can be said between the influence of the Leo sun’s aspirations of individuality coupled with the Aquarius moon’s humanitarianism. 

This is a time for creative visions. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of “Great Awakenings.” This is a good time to envision the future you’d like to see for yourself. Utilize this rebellious energy to paint a future that is unique to you.

How Do I Incorporate It Into My Magick?

Aquarians are truth seekers, and with the full moon heightening psychic energies, use this time to practice divination that focuses on uncovering hidden truths as well as future plans.

Moon water made during this time will have innovative and adventurous energies. This is also a great time to recharge your crystals under this influence as well!

Are you a solitary practitioner? This influence may be a good time to branch out and make connections with those who share your interest to gain a sense of community under this moon. 

Aquarius is a “big picture” sign, so utilize this time to create a vision board and think of a future you would like to see that isn’t limited by societal normalities. Aquarians are quirky, so this is a no holds barred opportunity to express yourself without limitations. 

Also, on that note, this is a progressive sign that likes to move forward. This makes this a good time to focus on spells involving future success and self-expression, as well as truths. And, as an air sign, take this time to dive into candle magic, whether this is new to you or an old hat.

But, most importantly, under this moon – embrace the weird! Life’s more fun that way.

Blessed be.

What To Do:

♒︎ Divination for Hidden Truths

♒︎ Create a Vision Board 

♒︎ Spells Involving Expression and Truths

♒︎ Make Moon Water for Innovation + Expression

♒︎ Charge Items to Cultivate these Inventive Energies

♒︎ Success Spells 

♒︎ Candle Magic

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