Lunar Series: Full Moon in Taurus

All right, witches. The Full Moon is almost here. It’s time to get crazy and blame shit on the moon. 

What? It’s tradition.

This is also a time when your manifestations should be coming to fruition. Didn’t put anything into motion on the new moon? That’s okay. Magick performed under a full moon has utmost potency. So, you have options. Go! Get started.

Oh, snap. Did we forget to mention it’s also a lunar eclipse? If you’ve been scrolling the interwebs for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across the divisive subject of performing magick from under a lunar eclipse. 

We personally don’t subscribe to the “it’s too risky” portion of the argument but what’s most important is your own personal experience working with this energy and your own level of comfort. Don’t want to? Don’t do it. It’s that simple. 

Also, the eclipse doesn’t start until the early morning so if you want to charge your water – but you’re afraid of the eclipse – pull it in before it’s showtime. 

Anywho, I digress . . . 

What Does It Mean?

Taurus is a fixed sign and with this, they have a stabilizing element to their being. They’re also an Earth sign, and with this, they’re also a very grounded, down-to-Earth sign.  This will be a time with underlying grounding energy as a whole.

Not only are Taureans a practical sign, but they are also known for their sensual nature and being a creature of great comfort. Pleasure and beauty are important to a Taurus. Satiating our senses can become pertinent under this influence, as will the need for financial stability and security as a whole. 

As a fixed Earth sign, Taureans take the slow, but steady and scenic route. They pause to appreciate the beauty of life. Taureans are also known to be a stubborn sign, but they’re just deeply rooted in their beliefs and their general being. This can be a time of great sensuality and basking in the beauty life has to offer.

What Does It Mean For My Practice?

Taureans bring a stabilizing energy to the table, so this is a perfect time to work on solidifying your own personal foundation. Spells focusing on stability would do particularly well during this time as they would capitalize on this energy.

Due to Taureans love of the finer things in life, this is a great time to focus on practicing magick that relates to prosperity. The Full Moon under Taurus ushers in an energy of abundance. Work on manifesting this during this time!

Also, as mentioned above, Taurus is an earth sign and the Full Moon is a time for manifestations. If you’re a “Green Witch” or even just a person who enjoys gardening, this would be a fantastic time to harvest your herbs and save it for future spellwork — literally and figuratively!

This is also a good period to plan out what you should let go of and banish. Banishing magick should be performed in the period from the Full Moon to the Waning Moon. Once the New Moon hits again on December 4th, it’ll be time to recalibrate and focus on what you hope to manifest for the next cycle.

TL; DR? See below! 

What Should I Do?

♉︎ Set Out Moon Water for Grounding

♉︎ Divination 

♉︎ Charge Your Crystals

♉︎ Harvest Herbs

♉︎ Plan Banishing to Perform in Waning Phase

♉︎ Focus on Foundations + Stability

♉︎ Spellwork Involving Financial Growth

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