Manifestation (EP12 Recap)

On this week’s podcast episode at the Cosmic Cauldron, we diving into manifestation!

Manifesting is all the rage in the spiritual and witchy communities – but what does it even mean? What are intentions, and why do we set them? Is this a wish? If you’ve ever had these questions, this episode is for you.

We dive headfirst into what manifestation means to us, as well as what it doesn’t, but we don’t stop there. In Episode 12, we do our best to provide our best tips in our year of practice. We focus on removing the mystery as to what manifestation really is and, furthermore, what even is an intention?

We cover all of this and more in this episode. If you’ve already tuned in, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Manifestation Tips:

Letting Go: In order to let go, we must first release the negative ideas or even self-concepts that we have in our minds in regards to what it is we want. We have to be mindful of the ways in which we are holding ourselves back from our desires. Shadow Work can be a great tool to use in digging into our own inner workings and releasing blockages.

Gratitude: Once we have tackled the inner work, it’s time to get grateful. As cheesy as some may believe gratitude journaling to be, this is an effective way to literally see all that we have to be grateful. It’s easier to focus on the negative. However, by allowing ourselves to share what we have that we’re grateful for, we create not only a better emotional state but a better vibration.

Building Energy: Building energy isn’t as complicated as it can be made to be. This can, at times, be accomplished at a very practical level by methods that get us in motion like, say, dancing naked under the moonlight or adult cardio. But if this isn’t your cup of tea, focus on channeling your own energy. This can be done through visualization. If your spellwork needs more than your personal energy can provide, channel energy from the earth, the skies, deities, or whatever else you work within your practice.

Focusing: Since we’ve addressed ourselves, expressed gratitude, and built energy: Now is the time to focus. What this means is to have a very specific and clear intention in mind and hold it in your mind’s eye. All of the energy you have collected needs to be channeled directly into this intention.

Releasing: Next, release. This is perhaps the hardest step, but we must now release our intention into the universe for it to manifest and accept that our desires are coming back to us. This is a good time to review your previous gratitude list and feel the appreciation. However, spells also require real-world action, so if it’s a goal such as landing a job – you’re still going to need to apply.

Side Note: We do apologize for the slight audio issues! Our mic was on the fritz, but it has now been replaced by a new and improved model. Woot, woot.

Blessed be.

—Charlotte Wilde

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