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  • Sabbat Series: Samhain

    Samhain pronounced SAH-win, which means “summer’s end” to the Ancient Celts. This Sabbat is one of the “cross-quarter” celebrations celebrated by most pagans. The term cross-quarter is a reference to the four holidays on the Wheel of The Year that…

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  • Sabbat Series: Lammas

    On August 1st, in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be time to celebrate Lammas! Lammas, sometimes also called Lughnasadh, is a celebration between the midpoint of the summer solstices and the autumn equinox. This means this celebration is one of…

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  • Sabbat Series: Beltane

    Beltane, occurs on May 1st and is one of the four “Greater Sabbats.” The greater sabbats occur at the midpoints between solstices and equinoxes, and due to this, their energy is more palpable. This Sabbat, which sits opposite Samhain on…

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