Lunar Series: Full Moon in Pisces

It’s time to gather your crystals + your jars, witches! This Full Moon is bringing Pisces energy along for the ride. Pisces are known as intuitive, imaginative creatures, so expect to see this present itself in your life under this influence. 

Just here for the quick facts? Feel free to scroll down to the bottom for our “TL;DR” synopsis of what you can try for this full moon. 

What’s It Mean for Me?

Full Moons are a time when the work you’ve done at the New Moon or before should be coming to fruition. Use this cosmic boost from Pisces to stimulate your imagination and increase your use of your own intuition. 

Pisces is a mutable, free-flowing sign that is symbolized by the fish. Two fishies, to be exact. 

This influence takes place in opposition to the Virgo sun, which is a sign known for order. These two influences are likely to merge together to show us a full spectrum of control and release. Whereas Virgo’s like proper order and logic, Pisces are a dreamy sign who are about release. 

Use this influence to fully explore what needs maintenance and what can be let go of. Focus on the areas of your life that need your energy versus areas that are simply not worth your time, and act accordingly. 

How Do I Incorporate It into My Magic?

Due to Pisces being the dreamers of the zodiac, this is a particularly good time to explore the world of dreams. If you’ve not tried astral projection, this may be an opportune time to start practicing. This would also be a good time for seeking out lucid and prophetic dreams as well as recording the dreams you do have during this influence.

Also, this would be a good time for divination work as well as spell work involving psychic enhancement as the Pisces influence, as a water sign, is a sign that is known for its intuitive, sometimes psychic, nature. 

They’re also a sign with a particular active imagination thanks to the culmination of daydreaming, intuitiveness and empathy. Work with this influence to enhance your own creativity during this time and to release blockages that may be inhibiting you from moving forward.

Set out your moon water and your crystals to charge both under this influence and capture some of the energy surrounding this influence. This moon water will be useful for divination, psychic development, creativity, imagination and release!

What To Do:

✰ Astral Projection

✰ Create a Dream Journal

✰ Spells Involving Psychic Enhancement

✰ Divination

✰ Make Moon Water for Psychic Energies

✰ Charge Items to Cultivate these Imaginative Energies

✰ Psychic Spells 

✰ Dreamwork in General

✰ Banishing Work

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