Silver Obsidian Broom

Obsidian is formed from molten lava that cooled so quickly that it didn’t have time to crystallize. With this rapid formation, obsidian is a stone of both speed and protection. This stone is also sometimes referred to as “volcanic glass.”
This is a powerful stone that brings forth truth and breaks down barriers. It is a stone that promotes growth, while still aiding in stability and grounding. Two necessary components of any successful venture.
With its barrier-breaking and truth forthcoming nature, this stone is excellent for working with past life regressions or simply uncovering and healing traumas endured within this current life. Depending on what your focus is, this stone can help promote healing on several levels.
As a grounding stone, this is a great stone to work with for restoring balance and assisting with integrating your shadow self. Obsidian is considered a stone that mirrors our inner being which allows us to reconcile ourselves and promotes in-depth healing.
Silver Sheen Obsidian carries with it the properties of obsidian with the additional bonus of being an excellent scrying tool. This also makes for a great tool in astral travel as obsidian connects the body to our astral form and serves as an anchor.
Brooms themselves are symbolic of fertility and have become an emblem of witchcraft. They’re also among the sacred attributes of Hekate.
Deities: Jana, Pele, Tezcatlipoca
Chakras: Root
Element: Earth + Fire
Planet: Pluto + Saturn
Attributes: Protection, Healing, Truths, Grounding, Strength, Stress Relief, Shielding, Growth, Compassion, Self Control
The crystals are roughly 3″ and are made of natural materials so they will vary slightly.


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The crystals are roughly 3″ and are made of natural materials so they will vary slightly.


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