Flower Agate Freeform

Flower Agate is a crystal for new beginnings and ventures and as such is a great companion stone for entrepreneurs and those in a period of great transition in their lives.
This is a stone of transformation that it also said to correspond with the Triple Goddess. The blooms themselves are representative of our own blossoming life and the changes that occur through our lifetimes. This stone is a reminder that we’re not a finished product, we are ever evolving.
This stone is also a nurturing stone that can help stabilize us and enrich our lives as we continue on our journeys which makes this a powerful crystal to have for manifestations and intention setting.
Deities: Triple Goddess
Chakras: Heart + Root
Element: Water
Planet: Mercury
Attributes: Growth, Motivation, Passion, Transformation, Rebirth, Change, Manifestation, Divine Feminine, New Beginnings, Entrepreneurship
The crystal you will receive is the exact item pictured.




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