Mini Cauldron With Pentagram

Cauldrons are another ancient tool and the word itself is thought to derive from the Latin word caldarium meaning “hot bath.” Cauldrons are a wonderful tool to use in our practice from heating items such as liquids, burning loose incense and herbs, or any other spellwork that requires a fire-safe dish.
Cauldrons are symbolic of the womb and, as such, they correspond with femininity, fertility, and life. They also are associated with the element of water. So, whether or not your practice requires the burning or heating objects, the symbolism of the cauldron itself makes it an excellent addition to any altar.
This mini cast iron cauldron is approximately 3″ in diameter with pentagram design.


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A small cast iron cauldron with pentagram design.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10.6 × 7.62 cm



Cast Iron


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